Transforming Autoimmune
Disease Treatment

Artax Biopharma is transforming autoimmune disease treatment as a
biotechnology leader in autoimmune immunomodulation science.

Our Company

Our Science & Pipeline

Our Company

Artax Biopharma is transforming autoimmune disease treatment as a biotechnology leader in autoimmune immunomodulation science.

At Artax Biopharma, we believe nothing is more important than patients living their best lives. We are helping to make this vision possible by developing a way to treat autoimmune disease without causing immunosuppression.

From foundational research conducted in Spain, a revolutionary approach to treating autoimmune disease was discovered. Now as leaders in the science of autoimmune disease immunomodulation, we are dedicated to advancing our novel science in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Enabling patients to pursue their passions, live their dreams, and transforming the way autoimmune disease is treated is what drives us at Artax Biopharma.

Our Science and Pipeline

A healthy immune system eliminates harmful foreign pathogens, while being tolerant of self-tissues and organs. When the immune system malfunctions, cells (T Cells) attack self-tissues and organs, causing autoimmune disease. Current autoimmune disease therapies suppress the immune system, helping to minimize these self-attacks, but also raise susceptibility to harmful foreign pathogens. Immunomodulation, the process in which the immune system reduces self-attacks while properly reacting to fight foreign pathogens, holds great potential for autoimmune disease.

AX-158 Preclinical Evidence in T Cell Driven Autoimmune Diseases

  • Immuno-modulatory: modulates, but does not suppress T cell receptor signaling

  • Suppresses differentiation to Teff cells without suppression of Treg cells

  • In-vivo sustained protective therapeutic effect in an experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) model in multiple sclerosis, during and following treatment

  • Effective in an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) adoptive transfer model, additional animal models demonstrate efficacy/durable effect (with Artax tool, AX-024)


AX-158 is a first-in-class, oral small molecule, preclinical immunomodulating agent in development for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. AX-158 employs a novel mechanism of action that selectively modulates, or adjusts, T cell responses that play a critical role in immune system function. By selectively inhibiting Nck, a protein, AX-158 selectively modulates self-directed T Cell activation which is a cause of autoimmune disease.  Importantly, data suggests that AX-158 is not immunosuppressive and does not impact the immune system’s ability to mount a strong response to foreign pathogens and infections. Further, AX-158’s ability to modulate T cell responses allows the possibility to broadly target several autoimmune diseases, therefore potentially transforming autoimmune disease treatment.

AX-158 Development Plan


AX-158 Broad Development Potential

Artax AX-158 is designed to immunomodulate T cells. Such T cell immunomodulation holds wide-ranging applicability across a spectrum of autoimmune diseases with high unmet need, and creates broad potential for AX-158 development.

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