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Artax Biopharma is transforming the treatment of T Cell mediated disease.

Artax Biopharma is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to the development of safe and effective treatments for autoimmune diseases. Rather than suppressing or blocking the immune response, our approach focuses on modulating activation at the T cell receptor. This prevents self-activation without causing immune suppression.

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We develop safe & effective treatments for autoimmune diseases.

Current approaches attempt to modulate the immune response by targeting specific cytokine pathways.

Unfortunately, this can lead to immunosuppression, increasing the risk of serious infections and malignancy, especially considering the need for long-term use.

How to treat autoimmune diseases safely: stop self-activation without immunosuppression

Modulate TCR activation
Targeted TCR calibration without immunosuppression


Novel class of Nck blockers

Instead of suppressing or modulating the response, we believe the solution lies in modulating the activation at the T cell receptor level. This ensures that only strong signals from foreign antigens can trigger an immune response.

Our Science & Pipeline

Introducing Nck blockers

Targeted modulation of TCR activation without immunosuppression

  • Revolutionary first-in-class small molecule therapies
  • Novel MoA effective across multiple diseases
  • Strong safety profile, potential for combination
  • Oral administration and once-daily dosing
  • Strong IP position until 2039

Mechanism of action:
Nck blockers stop autoimmune diseases at the roots source

AX-158 acts by modulation of T-cell activation, not by suppression

AX-158: pipeline in a product
Building an exciting pipeline in key autoimmune indications

Targeted modulation of the T-cell receptor (TCR) activation forms the core of everything we do at Artax Biopharma. We develop medicines that act to specifically block Nck recruitment upon TCR activation, preventing inappropriate activation by self-antigens — and therefore without causing immunosuppression.

Phase 1 results
with AX-158

Completed in 2023

  • Single and multiple doses well tolerated at all dose levels tested
  • Excellent bioavailability with consistent, predictable PK
  • May be dosed independent of food
  • No serious adverse events or related adverse events

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